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Serving sushi and Chinese favorites in Lincoln Park.


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Ordered due to the other good reviews and they were very accurate! The order came about 40 minutes early, and the food was delicious. I have to highly recommend the Mapo Tofu, it is one of my favorite dishes and this restaurant made it the best I've had in Chicago. I was especially happy it was nice and spicy and they didn't "westernize" it by making it too salty or sweet like some American Chinese restaurants do. The dimsum was also good, especially the Kung Pao Chicken dimsum which I've never had before. I'd definitely order from here again and will now try eating in actual the restaurant after this great delivery experience!


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We were on the fence about ordering but so glad that we did the food was incredible. The sushi that has the lobster mix in it was the best sushi I've ever had and I've eaten at a lot of ritzy sushi places. To be honest that udon was really bland but not terrible. the temperature of vegetables included onion which was so tasty and you don't see it a lot of places usually it's just sweet potato green beans broccoli etc. it was faster than the promise time and they even delivered it to the lobby of the hotel we were staying at. I highly recommend!


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Ok sounds great and I feel bad about that but Im sure you guys could have a better chance of getting me some free food soon as well I will probably be home by five if you guys are interested. Hey sweetie hows it going I just wanted to check on your schedule and see what your schedule looks cool and I will do a quick schedule and see what time I can get there in a little early morning thanks


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Surprisingly excellent sushi. Fresh! The baked Dynomiye Scallop was my fave.. somewhat mildly spicy, in delicious sauce, baked in its shell. Sadly for me "somewhat mild" is about a raging 10 fire; else I'd order these by the dozen. Maybe better off--sauce is sooo rich. Chinese fair on Mo's menu more average, ok. Delivery terrific, and overall amaze user experience. RECOMMEND.


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We order from here fairly often. Really like that they have the menu divided into different regional cuisines, there's always something new to try! The sweet potato croquettes were super delish, and the wonton soup is solid (like, so many juicy, delicious dumplings).

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Food is always on point exactly how ordered. Delicious sushi.


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Great food and fast service!


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Mo's is the best!

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